Since its establishment in the Republic of China in 2002, MultiCom has laid a considerable customer base and service construction experience in the market for information integration. Therefore, the most important core value of MultiCom is technical service and integration of customer needs. ability. In the system integrator environment, the most important capability is to provide the most competitive design plan according to the customer’s budget and needs, and to ensure that such design can operate safely and stably for the end user’s information environment. Provide maximum operating efficiency.


The company has an experienced team of technical consultants who can provide a range of tailored service plans for different customer needs, including wired and wireless network planning, system and storage equipment planning, information security planning, etc.


The company's professional engineering and technical team, service enthusiasm, practical experience, and a variety of professional licenses. The service scope includes network infrastructure construction, system and storage equipment construction, information security system construction, etc., combined with pre-sales planning and after-sales maintenance, to provide customers with a continuous point-to-point technical service.


It is a popular trend to have the service commissioned by a professional manufacturer. The maintenance service provided by the company is provided by professional engineers to provide software and hardware maintenance, including spare parts, daily maintenance, regular maintenance, and troubleshooting. In the event of a failure, it will be resolved in the shortest time.


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